I don't own emotion, I rent.

Shaunee Broadley Howat20 years old13/03/94 dyslexia. Glasgow, Scotland Anything else you want to know just ask.Sometimes stuff is funny other times not so much. So sorry if anything here upsets you.Twitter and Instagram @ShauneeHowatMy role models are Marilyn Monroe and Chris Colfer.  chorus members doing jazz hands

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So honey now
Take me into your loving arms 

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inspired by

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Klaine Hiatus Challenge

  • 13. Favorite Klaine Moment From Season 4


  • 14. Favorite Moment During Their Break Up

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"Don’t they get together in the end?"

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Excuse me?

Will You Marry Me?

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Pleasantville!AU Two friends are sucked into their computer and suddenly find themselves trapped in a television show. Not sure how to get home, they integrate themselves into this “backwards” society and slowly bring some color to this black and white world. But as innocence fades, the two teens begin to wonder if their outlook is really to be preferred.

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You won my h e a r t, without a question.

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THE NORMAL HEART AU: Kurt and Blaine as Felix and Ned.

"It’s because you’re too good to be true. Because I’ve been waiting for a love like you my whole life, and you haven’t showed up until now, and I’m scared shitless that I’m gonna do something to fuck it up."

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If you all came here to get to know me tonight, there’s no better way than seeing me with my one true love.

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